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Name =FMJ=Gaz
Punkbuster GUID ... (Last 8 characters only)
Kills 5
Deaths 1
Team Kills 0
Suicides 0
Ratio 5.0000
Played Time 02:41:10
Favourite Map
Played: 1

Top Aliases
Count Alias
27 =FMJ=Gaz
Favourite Weapon
M16A4 with Silencer
M16A4 with Silencer
Played killed: 5
Last played rounds
No. Date/Time played at Round Details
1 2021-05-13 16:49:03 Details Team Deathmatch mp_southern_comfort mp_southern_comfort

Top used Weapons
Weapon Kills Ratio
M16A4 with Silencer M16A4 with Silencer 5  100 
Top played Maps
Map Map Name Played Count Ratio
mp_southern_comfort mp_southern_comfort 1  100 
Top Victims
Victim Name: Kills Ratio
Jurniho 4  100 
LukaEM 1  25 
Top killed by
Killer Name: Kills Ratio
LukaEM 1  100 
Top Hitlocations where you hit others

No. Hitlocation Killcount
1 Head 5
Top Hitlocations where you got killed by others

No. Hitlocation Killcount
1 neck 1

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